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Mixed Media Collage Print on Hahnemuhle's William Turner paper and mounted to wood canvas
Crow’s Shadow
Mixed Media Collage
20" x 20" x 1.5"

Another element, in the need for mourning, is letting others help and support you in the process of mourning. According to Wolfelt, the quality and quantity of compassionate support during mourning process is a major influence in healing. “You cannot—nor should you try to—do this alone.” In grief avoidance, the notion is that it is better to be alone in grief, than share your mourning with others. This image represents the Lenape cultural ideal that people would rather be annihilated than to be alone. Human-ness is only tied to physical life, but selfhood and tribal identity are not. Human death eliminates only physical life while self and Lenape-ness persist. Lenape do not fear their own death, as they do the death of others, who will leave them lonely. Isolation is the greatest fear.

Mixed Media Collage printed on Hahnemuhle's William Turner paper and mounted to wood canvas. Shipping included in price.