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Book, Transillumination, Butterfly stitch
Mixed Media Collage
8.5" x 12 x 3"

This book was created for "The Hunt" Exhibition. 30 artist and myself found objects in the Historical Medical Archives at Oregon Health and Science University and interpreted them. To see more of these objects click on the news tab.

"Transillumination maybe explained as directing a highly concentrated, penetrating chromatic light through the process of examination. The transmission of this light through the process, by virtue of reflection and selective absorption enables us to actually see what conditions exist. Darkness or Light, which one for you?" This quoted text is from a small brochure found with Dr. J.C. Bartlett, M.D.'s Electro Diagnostic Set from the Historical Medical Archives at OHSU.

Enlightenment through the process of examination. In these transillumination drawings contained in this book, I am shedding chromatic light on these cold and car-wreck like recontextualized anatomy parts. It is my hope, that We, the people,will see what actual conditions exist within our healthcare system.