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Bereavement made me focus on creating more artwork, then showing it in a public sphere. Grieving people continually came up to me during my art shows, confused and heartbroken from their experiences with loss and not finding relief. I only knew how to help people with art tools and was at a loss how to support them. I began to create and discover alternative options.

Learning to see like an artist can enhance creative solutions to the problems of everyday life, especially during loss or conflict. Looking at examples from art history can sharpen the inherent ability to "see" as humans while unlocking our potential for change. Art history, my artist practice and The Grief Recovery Method® have provided me with tools to work with my own grief and I want to share them with you.

The key to recovery from unresolved grief is action, not time.

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* 8 week e-course or Zoom one-on-one - Seeing Like An Artist: Art, Grief, And Reconciliation
* 7 - one on one - sessions The Grief Recovery Method® Education And Outreach Program
* Opportunities for Grief Mediation or Coaching
* Speaking to Your Group, Class or Organization About Grief