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Artist, Mediator, and Facilitator,  Beth I. Robinson fosters resolution through dialogue
Grief Mediation After a Loss

Having a difficult time with another party?
Especially after a loss?

Uncertain how to move forward?
How about a mediator or grief coach to companion you through the tough stuff…

What will a grief mediator do?

* Understands how grief makes communication difficult
* Allows those affected to express how they were impacted by loss
* Naturally moving towards creative solutions to the problems at hand

Grief mediation seeks to repair and restore relationships after problems or challenges arise especially after a loss of some kind. Navigating conflict and loss are never easy, I can provide keys to a constructive process after a loss that supports people to find better solutions to be heard while grieving and finding mutual understandings with the complexities a death can cause.

Call on a Mediation and Facilitation specialist to support you:

Beth I. Robinson M.S. is a professionally trained artist, mediator, and facilitator. She uses artist practices and professional conflict specialist tools to help people successfully navigate, family, workplace and community conflicts. Her unique-- and highly impactful--approach makes it possible for participants to develop stronger communication skills, positive self-expression, and improved problem-solving skills. She provides people with the keys to move out of uncomfortable situations. Her passionate belief is --even though past difficulties cannot be changed-- the future can be intentionally developed, shaped, and embraced by all parties.

Beth’s art and coaching tools are powerful and she is the real deal! She kept my family from falling apart after my mom's death. – Mediation Client

Your engaging and creative energy made both events more insightful, thought provoking and enjoyable. Thank you. - Facilitation Client

Pricing and Fees

Consultations to explore your unique situation are FREE.

- This is an opportunity to discuss your needs and how to move forward after challenges arise with a trained conflict specialist.

After the initial consultation:
- The standard hourly rate is $125.

Please contact Beth at for an intake consultation to explore your unique situation.

Transforming conflict and loss through creativity & collaboration